Custom Design at The Gem Vault

Custom creation has been our specialty for over twenty years. The Gem Vault offers expert design services, where clients work closely with one of our specialized designers to create a custom piece that reflects their style and personality. Custom design is a creative and exciting endeavor; and the ultimate way to your dream piece of jewelry.

The Design Process

The perfect way to create a personalized piece of jewelry, for a special occasion, or for everyday. From engagement rings and wedding bands, to statement pieces to add to your collection, The Gem Vault takes great care in designing and creating pieces to last a lifetime.


Choosing a Stone

The stone is generally the focal point of a design, and many design projects often begin around a stone. One of the best ways to start a design is to decide on a stone: stone type, shape, and size.

Design Consultation

We provide all customers with free consultation and drawing services. During a consultation, a designer will work closely with a client to get a sense for the styles and details they would like to see in their piece.

The designer will then create and present to the customer multiple sketches with corresponding price estimates. This creates a visual foundation for the piece to grow from.


Once a design has been chosen, it will be created in wax or built from metal.  If a piece requires a wax, one will be hand-carved to the specifications of the design and once approved, will be case in metal. 

More simple styles can be built and assembled from metal; most often do not require a wax, and often can be completed in a shorter time frame. Depending on the time, complexity of the design and the customer's preferences, we will determine which creation method is best for the piece.

Final Touches

Once the wax is cast in metal, it still looks far from finished. The rough casting is then carefully filed and polished using a variety of specialty tools until it has the bright, lustrous finish we desire. At this point, the design has gone from sketch to a carefully created and shaped metal base for the piece.

Once a piece is cast in metal it is then carefully inspected and polished using a variety of tools until is has the bright, lustrous finish we desire. Final touches, such as attaching prongs or adding texture are done once the casting is polished and near its final state

All other parts are assembled by one of our skilled metalsmiths, so that the stone can be set, and any final textures can be applied.

Finished Product

With the stones set and sparking, and the metal lustrous and polished, all pieces are given a final look over, including a Gem Vault stamp and are often signed by the designers. Our favorite part of the design process is getting to reveal the finished product to the customer and see their excitement at their truly custom, one-of-a-kind piece!