The Gem Vault is an established and trusted New Jersey jewelry store and design studio, specializing in distinctive custom jewelry and fine colored gemstones. Widely known for its award-winning designs and vast expertise in colored gemstones, diamonds and metalwork, The Gem Vault offers original and unique jewelry for every customer. 

What sets The Gem Vault apart from other jewelry stores is its specialty in custom work, bringing loyal customers back again and again. Each designer has met the needs of each customer, no matter how unique or challenging a piece may be. In the past, The Gem Vault has been responsible for designing, molding, carving, crafting the gold, and setting the stones in each unique piece.

William Brewer, owner and master jeweler of The Gem Vault, has almost 40 years of experience as a goldsmith, gem cutter, and colored gem and diamond expert.

Owner Bill Brewer has created an oasis of beauty that’s made to order each day.
— Ivan Solotaroff, Modern Jeweler

The Gem Vault’s custom jewelry designers, Jason Baskin and Sharon Curtis-Gal, have won many design awards, not just in the state of New Jersey, but across the country and internationally. These award-winning designers offer a variety of styles and provide consultations with customers to ensure that the customer receives a one-of-a-kind piece.

The Gem Vault’s team works together to provide high-quality resources and a vast knowledge base to create structurally gorgeous designs with the finest stones. This knowledge of both stones and goldsmithing, combined with the creativity of the designers, comes together to build exceptional jewelry.

The team at The Gem Vault is proud of its reputation in the community, not only for its expertise in fine gemstones, but its exclusive designs and its ability to provide the customer exactly what he or she is looking for—whether it be a small gift or a large-scale design. No matter what the customer has in mind, the Gem Vault enjoys meeting every customer’s needs.