14K White Gold and Carnelian Pendant

14K White Gold and Carnelian Pendant


The Jewelry Vault’s Master Artisan has created a beautiful selection of jewelry that we call vintage “Timeless Timepieces.” Starting with a vintage watch case as his canvas, this talented artisan has taken these artful beauties and created a unique, one of a kind, and alluring piece of jewelry. Each creation has been fit with a custom-cut beautiful gemstone and has been given a new life through this craftsman’s talented hands. These vintage timepieces may not keep time like they used to, but their beauty is timeless.

This “Timeless Timepiece” is a 14k white gold and carnelian beauty. The intricately engraved case is home to a deep red-orange carnelian cut in a rectangular, flat-sided cabochon shape. The carnelian measures 17.25mm x 13.44mm and weighs approximately 10.5cts. The pendant weighs a hefty 9.2 grams and measures 38.30mm long x 18.55mm wide. This piece has tested to be 14k white gold.

This pendant comes with a Free Appraisal from The Gem Vault, an award winning retailer of fine jewelry, which will indicate an “estimated replacement value” of $850 for this lovely piece of jewelry.

Very attractive style and high-quality craftsmanship in the same purchase; this is a perfect addition to any fine jewelry collection.


Item ID: J173

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