Blue Zircon - Real and RARE

To this day, people are still surprised to discover that Zircon is in fact a real gemstone, not to be confused with Cubic Zirconia, a synthetic stone that has been used to imitate diamond.

In actuality, Zircon is a natural gemstone found a variety of colors, from soft rose hues, to golden yellows, reddish-browns, clear as well as greens and blues.

Zircon is noteworthy because of it’s very high dispersion. It is right up there next to diamond as far as dispersion is considered, meaning its crystal formation creates a high amount of sparkle. Zircon is also a fairly durable stone but it is brittle. So, as opposed to wearing down and becoming smooth, it is more likely to chip due to impact.

Blue Zircon necklace, designed by and found exclusively at The Gem Vault.

Blue Zircon necklace, designed by and found exclusively at The Gem Vault.

The Zircon gems we carry in store are primarily mined in Cambodia, but are also found in Burma. Many of the colored varieties have been enhanced by heat treatment.

Again, while Zircon is frequently mistaken for a synthetic stone, it is in fact a natural gem dating back to antiquity. It is also the true, original birthstone for the month of December.

Because Zircon is relatively rare, many common jewelers default to using the more widely available Blue Topaz. Topaz is much more readily available, and its Blue tones are also created by treatment, primarily radiation.

At The Gem Vault, we think there is no finer gift for a December baby than a real Blue Zircon gemstone or piece of jewelry!