The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Every year in early winter the largest gem and mineral show in the world comes to Tucson, AZ bringing industry experts together from across the globe.

And, every year our own Jason Baskin makes his trip out to the show, and he brings your requests with him, giving you access to the BEST fine gems and minerals from around the world!


Jason has been going to the Tucson show annually for decades. The show is a massive playground of fine cut gems, beads, mineral specimens, fossils and much more. 


Jason knows his way around the entire show and touches base with some of the world’s finest gem and mineral dealers and industry friends.  So, if there’s something you’ve been looking for, let us know and Jason will find it for you. 


The show begins on January 27th, so please send us any requests via our contact form by Sunday, January 21st so we can be sure to have you on our list! 


Happy gem hunting!